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13 Mystery Anime That Would Even Baffle Sherlock

Whether it’s supernatural forces or gruesome murders, mystery anime focuses on the unresolved questions surrounding characters and their efforts to find answers.

Subs vs Dubs: The Evolution of English Anime Adaptations

Anime dubs, the process of adapting a title into the import country’s native language, aren’t new. In fact, they go back to the early ‘60s when anime made its way to the U.S.

10 Anime Not From Japan

Anime has a strong influence on medium outside of Japan. And these 10 cartoons show how much of an impact anime has have on them.

15 Binge-Worthy Anime To Watch This Weekend!

Need something to binge watch this weekend? Then check these anime shows!

6 Must-See Anime If You're a 'Ghost in the Shell' Fan

In the mood for some more 'Ghost in the Shell'? Then check out these anime!

10 Anime That Were Banned

Not everyone loves anime, especially these countries.

15 Times Anime Proved It Can Deliver Horror Like Nothing Else

These horror anime prove that Japanese animation can also deliver a creepy dose of fear.

5 Anime Movies That Deserved an Oscar Nomination

Despite the overwhelming popularity of anime movies outside of their home country, it’s quite difficult for these films to receive that same kind of acceptance and recognition from American film associations

7 Best Anime Movies of 2018, Ranked

Looking back at this year’s releases and picking out the ones that stood out most might be a bit more fun — which is why we’ve already done it.

The Real ‘Your Name’ – Our Anime Expert’s Japan Tour Diary

FANDOM’s anime expert Zuleika regularly covers Japanese animation for us, but she’s just now visited Japan for the first time in her life.

5 Anime You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents

For those of us looking to avoid a repeat of the “birds and the bees” talk, here are five anime you shouldn’t watch around your parents.

9 Must-See LGBTQ Anime

LGBTQ anime isn’t a new genre. Yet many titles within the genre don’t focus on the daily struggles that people in the LGBTQ community go through.

‘Psycho-Pass’: How a Third Season Could Improve the Series

Here’s how a potential third season could improve upon Psycho-Pass‘ subpar second season.

15 Anime Words That Will Impress Your Otaku Friends

To save you a bit of time we compiled a list for you of 15 anime words that will help you sound like you know as much about anime as your otaku friends.

Why Cherry Blossoms Are So Significant in Anime

Falling sakura petals have become a frequently used symbol throughout anime.

5 Storylines That a ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Prequel Anime Needs to Explore

Here are five Cowboy Bebop storylines that should be explored in a prequel series.

The 15 Best Anime of 2018, Ranked

From pubescent teens in mecha suits to otakus falling in love, here’s our list of the 15 best anime of 2018.

10 Anime to Watch This Valentine’s Day

Enjoy Valentine's Day By Watching Your Favorite Animated Characters Experience The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of This Rollercoaster Ride We Call Love?

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