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15 Must-See Fall 2019 Anime

It's that time of year that every anime fan is looking forward to, the fall anime line up. Anime studios release their top content during this season, and like past years this autumn is not to miss. From new heroes and villains duking it out to adorable new characters, these upcoming ...
15 must-see summer 2019 anime Dr. Stone

15 Must-See Summer 2019 Anime

Summer is finally upon us. It's time to take a break and enjoy the holidays. But if you're an anime fan, summer has a totally different meaning. With a new season comes a plethora of new shows and movies to enjoy inside. From fighting monsters to Makoto Shinkai's latest film ...
Sushi Police

15 Short Anime to Watch During Your Break

We love anime, but sometimes we can’t watch an entire series in one day,  due to school, work, or family duties. During those precious minutes commuting to school or work, you can probably squeeze an episode or two. But,  it leaves us longing for more. So what can you do ...
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